Custom Screen Printing: What You Need to Know


What do you associated with printers and shirts that are screen printed? Is your idea limited to a simple message or logo that's printed on the shirt? Majority of consumers today, only think of this and nothing more. What you may not have realizes is that custom screen printing on clothing has a deeper and more complex background, and there is so much to it that a few prints here and there.


Does the name Andy Warhol sound familiar to you? He is a renowned and popular artist who was made even popular with his works in screen prints. He went over the simple screen prints and took it another level higher with his very artistic styles and effects. It can be said that the industry in decorative clothing today, was mainly because of the influence that he has given. With the use of screen printers, through Contract Printing, these decorative designs can be placed on shirts and other apparels.


Do you know what screen printers really and how it can help you? The history of screen printers that were developed in the West have a very unique story to it. Learn more about this from the site at Stencil making is also proven to be the basis and influence of screen printing. Soon enough, it came to be that ink was not just limited as a form of art applied on paper and similar surfaces, rather it was then used over fabric and cloth.


It was 10,000 BC when stencil was said to have been used as practice. Many years before, in the Middle Ages to be specific, people discovered that it was very possible to create a stencil-like effect on fabric - all that's really needed to be done was stretch the cloth completely, apply the  tar on the surface and make sure that it was completely dried out. Would you believe that this was used to create clothing for the Crusaders?


By the time the 19th century arrived, the wooden frames were used to allow mesh material too. And the use of mesh material has been nothing but beneficial to the artists, who were then able to be more expressive in creating intricate designs for the prints. As more years passed by, new and varied patents were then discovered to be used when working with stencil, ink and fabric art - this added newer techniques as well.


As technology advances, people seem to be going back to basic as seen in how they opt for eco-friendly materials and processes. Together with the freedom to use materials of their choices, the designs also prove to serve the purpose of self-expression. Why not check the modern and trendy clothing stores today and take a look at their latest creations. You are more likely to see Clothing Line Creation with sayings and word expressions printed on them - these capture everyone's personality and it is a way to be fashionable and expressive at the same time.